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TTS Plus (Dob Software) is for those that want to do more detailed research and use history to look for trading patterns.

DOB Software

Find Out How You Can Easily Identify Selections That Have The Best Chance To Dob, Hob or Trade In-Play or before the off.

Read on to see how easy it could be...Testomonial Ann

Hi, Malcolm here:

A “Dob” bet is where you back a winner to run well, not to win!

It stands for "Double or Bust" but there is more to it than that.

Let’s say you backed “Speedy” and got a price of 6.00 on Betfair.

For a successful Dob you now need “Speedy’s” price to drop to 3.00 or less in play.

If this happens then you will get 100% return on your original stake.

So, if you placed a bet at £10 you would win £10 (Minus commission).

Watch the video to see one recorded live...

Depending on when you place the first bet, this can happen before the off (before the race starts) or in-play (After the race starts).

The problem is knowing which horse’s price, is likely to drop by 50%.

The old way of doing things was to watch re-runs of the races to see if the horse is a “A front-runner”.

Remember we don’t need the horse to win…

…We just need it to run well enough that it looks like it could win.

The problem with this method of researching is that it is time-consuming and needs a massive amount of record keeping.

It’s a lot of work for most people...

... and even after all that work, it doesn’t mean it will run the same in its next race.

There is an easier way.

It’s called TTS+ (The Dob Software)...

...and it was created especially for finding “Dob” (Dob, Hob, In-Play or any type of trade) selections quickly and easily.

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Latest Update

Latest Update

Their Software allows you to target specific selections using the extensive filter system.
Dob Software filters
New filters and ratings are added all the time...

The Software also has:
Price Charts
4 Daily price readings (More can be accessed through the price chart, which members love for finding selections)

Dob info columns
4 Rows of Dob form. (1 = Dob, 0 = not Dob).

You could make Dob decisions on those two screens alone but with the extra form statistics (Only available on the Dob) software you can make even more informed decisions.

8 Columns of dob form
These 8 columns show how often a horse has Dobbed in a similar event.


Even more stats

There are even more stats at your fingertips to help you make better Trading decisions (Including Dob Profit and loss).

I  just concentrated on the dob software and
The extensive horse's history screen allows you to quickly analyse how the horse has run and how often it's prices has dobbed.

Part of Dob Software Horse Screen

Also now includes total tick's and average ticks.

Features like...

* No of Dob's over 50% filter activated (So you filter the selections based on how successful they have been).

* 11 Am BSP price column and an extra filter. (So you can filter runners by the price information).

1 PM BSP price column and an extra filter. (So you can filter runners by the price information).

* P/L (profit and loss) round-up on the horse's screen (You can see at a glance how profitable a horses DOB history has been).

DOB P & L on horse screen

* Day by Day back history (This is new and will take some time to fully integrate but you can start to go back and see result from prior days.)

History includes ipMin (in-play minimum price), result, tick value and BSP.

* Selection Link. (Once you have come up with an idea the link will automatically select the runners based on the criteria.)

* Bot Link. You can now use the Dob Software with the GHBot full.

* The full DOB "How to and manual" guide.

Time Check Prices Click on any horse and see their prices at certain times during the day.

Tick Calculator - Automatically find out what price and stake you need to add based on your preferred "Tick" value.

* Video Trades - 9 videos so far on how I use the software to find profitable trades.

* Arrows Filter - Just added to find some amazing selections based on price movements.

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If you can see the full potential of the DOB Software then you are going to love this.

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 The Dob Software is a truly amazing piece of software that can help you find all kinds of trades.

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Just £19.99 per 30 days use (Cancel at any time).
TTS+ is browser-based so works on any device connected to the internet (PC, iPad, smart phone etc).

Another testomonial
Mal: Yep allways updating the software!


Q. What computers does the software work on?

A. The software is browser-based (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox etc...) so works on any computer connected to the internet.

Q. Why do I need the software?

A. If you are serious about trading or Dobbing using any then you need to research the runners you are going to trade on.

The dob software shows you a horses history based on successful Dobs. But it goes much further giving you vital statistics to make decisions on.

If you are struggling to find selections that are good to trade on then the Dob Software is the tool you need.

Q. Will I be charged automatically?

A. If you pay for the 12 months license then no you won't. But if you pay for the 1 months (30 days) license you will be automatically charged until you cancel (Which is real easy to do). 

"I must say that the dob software is your best"

Until Next Time



P.S. Unfortunately you missed the original offer and if you are not quick you could miss this one as well.

The Dob Software is selling fast and every time I sell 20 copies I put the price up because I believe it's easily worth £97 per 92 days.

But if you take the price it is at today...then you will be offered the same price for renewal in 365 days ...even if the price is higher.

Please Gamble Responsibly 

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